Sapac P-R nv
Filliersdreef 22 - 9800 Deinze

Welcome to Sapac Packaging Solutions

Sapac innovates, invents, designs and realises diverse PU foam systems since 1995,

on which they have several patents in the European community as well as in the US.

Sapac foam systems are state-of-the-art and custom solutions with a broad and respectable client base in all of Europe.

Polluted Air: A Thing Of The Past

Because the SAPAC system uses refillable, swappable flasks , it’s become unnecessary to open I...

Our Ecoligical Mindset

Our system of swappable flasks suits our ecological mentality perfectly. This means no spilling of p...

Ergonomics On Your Side

The fact that no pumps or heavy drums are needed to extract chemicals from our flasks takes awa...

Liability As Cornerstone

All Sapac systems are well-known for their service-free reliability, thereby we admit being extremel...

Pressure Safe Work

All Sapac Machines are equipped with a patented (de)pressurizing system, which, next to the reliable...

Foam Recycling in Electricity

SAPAC's PU foam has a chemical inertion and can be eliminated through the domestic waste industr...